Sunday, August 23, 2015


Ninety-two...  this is not the temperature outside.  This is not the number of dollars in my wallet.  This is not the age at which I plan to expire. 

Ninety-two was my blood glucose reading this morning!!!!

For those of you who know little to nothing about diabetes, this is big news - especially for me.  My diabetes has been out of control for a while.  The medication I was taking made me so sick that I'd decided to stop taking it and I was leery of trying something new because my mother, who is also diabetic, had such a severe reaction to a new diabetes medication that it nearly killed her (finally, a dermatologist was able to figure out what was wrong).  I take after her in that way - if there is a rare but serious side effect to a drug, it usually shows up in me.  This is just one of the reasons I want to get off prescription drugs as soon as possible.

Anyway, back to that ninety-two...  My doctor started me on a new diabetes drug called Glipizide.  I checked my body every day for side effects.  I did find a black spot on the bottom of one foot, which I watched.  It never opened up and faded away after a week, so this new medication seems good to go.  In the next week, I watched my numbers start to drop, but my morning fasting numbers, while dropping, were still high.  I have a little note taped to the inside of my testing kit that tells me what my blood sugar levels SHOULD be (for a normal person) and the fasting numbers are 80-120.  That 120 is actually a little high for a type 2 diabetic - my doctor told me to aim for 100 or less.  Still, I was seeing 125 to 145 on a regular basis while fasting. 

I've been doing my AdvoCare, which regulated my eating and provided me lots of vitamin support and exercising pretty hard every other day (I have to work up to this - my body's not used to it!), and I'd get the occasional 110 or even 107, but still, as a rule, I was 125+ in the morning.

After my endocrinologist got my blood work back, she called and said my A1C was at 8, which is still too high but I did a happy dance anyway because the last time I had that tested it was at 8.5 - so I saw that as progress.  She also said she wanted me to start taking the Glipizide at night, which I started doing about a week ago, while continuing my eating and exercise regimen.

And this morning - 92!  Numbers rarely mean much to me, but I cried this morning.  I actually did.  It's been so long since I've made progress in anything health-wise, and I know I really need to fix my health if I want to live a life uncomplicated by blindness or kidney failure or amputation.  Obesity is a major complication in and of itself with the heart issues and stroke possibilities (which run in my family - almost all of my mother's side family dies of heart/stroke).  If I can fix my health, there is longevity on both sides that I'd love to take advantage of.  It feels like I'm making progress.

For those of you who are curious, these are the numbers on my little blood sugar levels note in my testing kit:

On waking up (before eating breakfast)    80-120
Before meals                                              80-120
2 hours after meals                                    160 or less
At bedtime                                                 100-140

I usually fall somewhere in those numbers at the appropriate times now that my morning reading is on track.  My previous meter readings were in the mid-200s!


SwampAngel65 said...

That's terrific news! Hope things keep going in that direction. Yay!!!

SwampAngel65 said...
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joanygee said...

Well done! Coping with diabetes can be such a struggle. Over here they keep changing the goalposts and the advice. D's managing well, but he does become perplexed by the see=sawing readings.

Ann Ward said...

Wooohooo - doing the happy dance for you!! All of your work and dedication are paying off!!