Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love letter to Larry

I'm not sure how many years ago it was that I first got into Larry.  It's been a long, long time though.  My friend Kelly introduced us and it's been wonderful ever since.  Larry knows my likes, dislikes and preferences.  Larry knows I hate mustard and am allergic to raw tomatoes.  Larry has been a steadfast companion for so long, than when anyone ever asks me where I disappear to during lunch, I always say "Larry's!"

Don't freak out.  I still love my husband, but I've been having a love affair at lunch for years - with Larry's Giant Subs.

At first, it was the sub combo.  Medium Animal (ham & turkey) on white with mayo and lettuce.  Fritos and sweet tea.  Then the sweet tea became unsweet with Splenda.  My "usual" for YEARS.

When I went gluten-free for a while, I'd drop by and pick up a container of chicken salad or egg salad for lunch.  

Now that I'm watching what I eat in a serious way, my order has changed again.  When I really feel the need to bite into something, I order a turkey club on a spinach wrap (no mustard, no tomatoes).  When the biting urge isn't so bad, I have the chef salad.

And then there's the soup...  my favorite is Jambalaya Thursdays (A hearty Creole classic that features long grain white rice, tender chunks of chicken, smoky sausage, ham, onions and green bell peppers simmered in a tomato-infused chicken stock seasoned with chili pepper, garlic and oregano) followed closely by Crab & Cream Bisque (Sweet firm crab meat, Old Bay® seasoning and a splash of sherry come together beautifully in this unabashedly indulgent bisque. Finished with a flourish of fresh cream).  The crab isn't there on a specific day, so it's always a pleasant surprise to find it on the soup board.

What I really love (besides Michelle and April, who are almost always behind the counter making the sandwiches) is that I can still visit Larry's and not feel like I'm totally busting my diet.  It makes a difference in feeling successful at this weight-loss thing if you can eat out like a normal person and still be able to make good choices.  The fact that the good choices are actually GOOD is a bonus! 

Thanks for being there, Larry.


SwampAngel65 said...

It's nice that a place you love has healthier foods, too. Makes eating better still fun and good!

SwampAngel65 said...
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